Women's Learn to Sail Program

Davis Island Yacht Club
2024 - 2025 Season

Dingy Dames 2024 class

2023 - 2024 Dinghy Dames Class and Instructors

Sailing Lessons

The Dinghy Dames offer both Pram and Sunfish sailing classes for women.  There is one class taught and students select either a Pram or Sunfish based on their own personal preference after exposure to both boats.  Davis Island Yacht Club (DIYC) members have priority, but classes are open to members and non-members. 

Students are selected for the classes based on their interest in sailing, racing and ability to commit to Tuesday mornings for the lessons and well beyond for sailing. For most women, it takes the entire first year to feel comfortable in the boat and gain the skills and confidence needed to race. If Tuesday morning’s are not routinely available for sailing, it is best to find another venue for learning to sail and race.  We encourage class members to become life time members of the Dinghy Dames!!

Sailing is a physical sport and the abilty to be flexible to manuever across the boat and use your arms to control the tiller and mainsheet rope is essential.  This will be tested at the classroom session. There are sailors of all ages from 20's to 90's that sail and race with the Dinghy Dames.

Our schedule for the 2024 - 2025 year begins with an evening classroom session followed by an intensive weekend of on-the-water instruction and classroom time.  Lessons will be taught in small crewed boats. Each boat will have an instructor and two students. After the weekend on-the-water classes, students will pick the boat of their choice, Pram or Sunfish, for the following five Tuesday mornings from 9-1pm for on-the-water instruction.



Orientations will be held over the 2024 summer for interested students to learn more about the Dinghy Dames, have an opportunity to rig a Pram or Sunfish and demonstrate the ability to maneuver around and in the boats. Only 8 students will be selected for participation in the 2024 - 2025 class.

Anyone interested in lessons should complete this contact form. After we receive the form we will follow up with you.  

While you are here you can watch some Dinghy Dames video lessons